Why visit a University – Megan’s experience

Megan undertook a week of work experience with us here at The University of Manchester. Read about Megan’s experience of taking part in work experience at The University of Manchester, and why it’s SO important to visit the University that you are interested in before you apply!blog image open day

“Hi! My name is Megan, I’m 14 and I’ve just been at the University for a week doing my year 10 work experience at the Rutherford building in the Widening Participation team. This week has given me a great insight to university, which isn’t bad for a year 10 student! The experience has certainly changed my view. Before I arrived, I thought of University as a daunting place and I was slightly worried that I would be doing boring things, but this couldn’t have been further from the truth!

I’ve had an amazing time; my work experience has been filled with fantastic opportunities! When I came for a pre work experience meeting and was shown a copy of my timetable I was really excited; so much of the week was orientated towards science.

I’m really interested in doing a degree in Physics when I am older (even though it’s a long way off) and my work experience week has made me even more determined to accomplish this. I had the chance to see what it would be like to be a Physics student at the University, as Craig, a PhD student, (and many other professors and students) showed me around the Schuster building. I visited labs, with cool, but strange-looking equipment that did amazing things, I got to see a laser making holograms and it was interesting to find out that there is a container in one of the labs, containing plutonium, which can be used in bombs and it was funny to see someone had fallen asleep in the reception!

I also took part in a Gateways day for year 9’s at the University, it was great! The group (including me) took part in workshops which were both fun and interesting (we looked mice brains!) and they were great way to see the benefits of going to Uni. I also got the opportunity to see glimpse of a student’s life at the Gateway days, as there were many Student Ambassadors helping out. It was surprising to hear that the students got paid to help out on these days, as it was such a fun experience. I thought they did it for free! I definitely want to be a student ambassador when I’m at Uni as you get paid for doing things that you enjoy and you get the chance to help young people too.

What I’ve really discovered, is that everyone is really nice at the University! It is very, very different to school. You are in charge; you can learn what your want, when you want. It’s up to you to get a good grade. I also didn’t appreciate how big the university is, it’s gigantic, there are so many buildings and it’s impossible to know where everything is. Another thing I have learnt is that open days are very important. I had no idea what University was actually like and my week long experience has shown me how great Uni is, which I believe is essential for everyone to learn. I think everyone at high school should go to an open day at a local university and discover what Uni is like, so that they too, can see the benefits of University and look forward (if they want to go) to a future in higher education.

I had a fantastic week, I learnt so much and I was really, really tired by the end of my experience because I had seen so much and met so many people. I like to thank everyone for a great week. Hopefully I’ll be at University in the next few years; I am looking forward to it!”


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