What is Business and Marketing?

With our Summer Lecture Series in Business Management coming up, we are taking a closer look at Business degrees and why they are a great option for those considering coming to The University of Manchester.

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What is Business and Marketing?

Business and Marketing degrees can be made up of many different topics that you can specialise in at the end of your course, or define at the beginning. This can be a combination of accounting , information technology , finance and economics , international management , and marketing .  A range of these combinations can be studied at Manchester Business School at The University of Manchester:

– Accounting

– Information Technology Management for Business

– Information Technology Management for Business with Industrial Experience

– International Business, Finance and Economics

– International Management

– International Management with American Business Studies

– Management

Why should I study it?

Business and Marketing degrees challenge the way you think and see the world of business. It allows you to understand how and why a business is run, and major decisions made to ensure all the parts of the business run smoothly. The degree gives real world knowledge and experience which can be applied to almost any job type. It is an interesting degree which studies the modern world, and provides skills and a knowledge base to help in any line of work.

How is it taught?

Usually mainly lecture based, with a workshop every couple of weeks. Assessment is in the form of examination and coursework, including group work and presentations. In the final year there is the opportunity to do an extended research based dissertation in a topic of your interest.

Opportunities within Manchester Business School

The Business school runs an exchange programme, with a possibility of spending a term or year in Singapore to study Business. A year abroad is also an option, where you can choose to do study at a range of universities across Europe and America for a year. The university helps in organising accommodation and visas within the country you wish to study in and the year will count towards your end degree.  A great chance to travel and study at the same time!

The Manchester Leadership Programme is also an option where a module can be replaced with credits in volunteering and leadership. As part of your degree, you can choose to attend lectures on leadership and make up part of your assessment through volunteering hours.

If you are interested in languages, then you can also take up a unit in a language using the ‘Language Experience for All’ (LEAP) programme at the University of Manchester. This provides courses from absolute beginner to expert levels as part of your degree.

What grades are usually required?

Entry requirements range from AAA – AAB at A- level, and with at least a B at GCSE English Language and Mathematics.  For information on other types of qualification accepted, go to

What can I do after?

With a Business and Marketing degree there are a huge range of options to go on to after your degree. The skills and knowledge taught through the degree will make you the ideal candidate for any business to hire in a range of roles. Post graduate study is also an option, to specialise further within a field of Business.

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