Summer time!

We all know exams are stressful and after months of constant revising, writing and working, we all look forward to the summer for a well-deserved rest. When you are a student you can look forward to the break between academic years because it’s a three-month grace period in which we can dream of travelling, attending festivals and concerts, and going on adventures. However, these dreams may never become reality due to the fact that money can be a little limited for students. As a result, many students spend their summers working part time in order to earn a little more money. Regardless, during the summer break there are no lectures, or assignments to do: students can spend their summers having as much fun as possible doing whatever they want.
The summer is the perfect time to relax and unwind; holidays are one of the best ways to achieve this. Over the past couple of summers, I’ve been on holidays with my family to Orlando in Florida, Rhodes in Greece and (most exotic of all) Wales. I’ve also been to Majorca and Leeds festival with my friends and enjoyed many days and nights out in the great city of Manchester. I was able to do this because of all the money I saved through my part time jobs during the academic year and the summer. I highly recommend any aspiring students to think and plan ahead during their studies and book lots of exciting trips and events for their own summers because you will rarely have a three-month period when you are completely free. They’re also something to look forward to and they’re great motivation for getting through exams.
If you decide to stay in Manchester over the summer, make sure you make the most of what Manchester has to offer. Manchester’s Heaton Park is home to one of the most popular and rapidly growing festivals in the country – Parklife – which hosts a line-up of brilliant acts each year and is a great place to enjoy the sun and have fun with friends without travelling miles away from home. Make the most of the city centre and all the shops, bars, restaurants, museums and events put on in the city. And of course be sure to check out Manchester Day, which is an annual event which celebrates everything amazing about this great city! It includes a colourful parade through the heart of this city with loads of performances, food and drinks to look forward to.


So enjoy the summer time between academic years because, trust me, it goes quicker than you think it might. Book holidays and festivals, see friends and family and have fun because you have earned it after an undoubtedly busy year!