The course

History at Manchester offers an enormous choice of historical periods, spaces and themes to study, ranging from the classical world to modern China and Sub-Saharan Africa.  The programme is flexible enough to allow you to specialise in particular areas and/or follow a range of interests.  History can also be studied with a wide range of other subjects (please see our web page).

Entry requirements

History A Level grades AAA including A at History excluding General Studies

Politics and Modern History A Level grades AAB, including A at History or Politics, excluding General Studies

Modern History with Economics A Level grades ABB including History and Economics with A  in either of these subjects

History and Sociology A Level grades ABB, including A at History or Sociology

History and Modern Foreign Language A Level grades AAB/ABB including A at History and a GCSE in a modern foreign language at grade B

Course content

History is all around us, from the representations of the medieval past on our screens to the legacy of history on global politics  or the physical remains of Manchester’s industrial past a few minutes walk from the University Campus.  As a History student at Manchester you will be able to learn about political history, through to the history of science, technology and medicine, environmental history, social and cultural history, the history of gender and economic history.  In the first two years, the courses start with broad approaches to historical time periods, historical themes and historical approaches.  In the third year, courses are more specialised, often built around the research interests of staff. Students will have the opportunity to study these modules as well as write a 12,000 word dissertation into a particular historical problem.  For more details please see our course brochure or visit our course website.

Reasons for studying

First and foremost, because you are passionate about history and what it tells us about our world. The flexibility of our degree programmes in History allows you to shape your degree around your own interests.  History is also a subject that equips our students for the world beyond Manchester.  The skills you develop in your three years at Manchester, such as the ability to analyse often incomplete data, to think critically, to communicate and present your findings clearly and to work in teams are skills that are highly prized in a wide range of careers destinations.

Admissions advice

We are looking for students who are:

  • Passionate about history and what it tells us about society
  • Want to learn to think critically
  • Have the flexibility to use different approaches to solving problems
  • Want to challenge accepted wisdom, and be challenged