My favourite things about Manchester

One of the greatest things about studying in Manchester is that you’re in the centre of a melting pot of culture. This eclectic city offers something for everyone. I’ve been here for four years and there are still some places I haven’t seen and things I haven’t done. I’ve tried (with much difficulty) to narrow down three of my favourite things to do here and give you a teaser of what to look forward to if you decide to come to Manchester.

1. Manchester Christmas Markets:

‘Tis the season, so of course this goes on top of my list. As a Christmas enthusiast, these have become my favourite thing about Manchester. They open in late-November and stay on until mid-December and every year they get bigger and bigger. The main market is always set up in the spacious and traditional Albert Square (in front of Town Hall), and its giant Santa statue can be seen from afar. I wait all year to once again taste their heavenly macaroons, scrumptious crepes, mouthwatering fudge, and a steaming hot cup of gluhwein. However, this is only a small selection of the many festive treats the markets have to offer from all over the world. The Manchester Christmas Markets really do make this the most wonderful time of the year for me!

2. The Northern Quarter:

Known as the ‘hipster corner’ of the city, I find the eccentricities of this area delightful.  You’ll always discover something new walking around: from bars with themes such as Hawaiian tropics and the jazz age, to quirky comic book stores, to cute little tea shops.

The Manchester Museum:

The museum is owned by the university and is considered one of its cultural assets. The ceiling is adorned with a planetary layout and right in the very middle rests the full cast of a T-Rex that they’ve lovingly named Stan. But this isn’t all. Not only does the museum host the largest and most important collection of Egyptian artifacts in the country, it also has a vivarium with live reptiles and amphibians. It is definitely worth the trip if only for a taste of engaging natural history.

So there you have it, three of the best things Manchester has to offer. Even though this hardly encapsulates all that this city is, I hope it can help to paint a picture of how versatile and rich its culture is.