Manchester – The place to study Science and Engineering

Parizad writes about all things science in preparation for National Science and Engineering Week (14 – 23 March) . She shares her experiences as a University of Manchester Engineering student.

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You know what’s cool? Science. Maybe that’s why it has a whole week dedicated to it every year.

Science covers a plethora of disciplines and has fascinated the human race from the beginning of time. Its study has led to evolution of medicine, technology, infrastructure amongst many other things that has made life better and easier. Sure, it doesn’t enable you to conjure the perfect woman from your computer like John Hughes suggests in ‘Weird Science’ but it’s still pretty swell.

The city of Manchester is the perfect place for science enthusiasts, or for those who are on the fence about science, or even those who find themselves hating science and are looking for a reason to fall in love with it. One place I would highly recommend is the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI). Here are exhibitions of how the advancement of science merges with the history of the industrial revolution, which Manchester had a great part to play in. Currently you can experience a close look at the engines and mills of Victorian Manchester as well as artefacts from important apparatuses over the years. For a short period you can also have a look at their new Ice Labs, where you’ll be given a glimpse into the details of arctic research. Other attractions include Saturday Science where you can be a part of interactive demonstrations and even take a ride on their Morphis stimulator. For more information, visit their website.

Or why not pay a visit to the University of Manchester Museum? If your scientific interests are inclined to Zoology, Biology, Earth Sciences or Archaeology, then look no further. The museum even has a Collection Study Centre, for those who are aspiring explorers and want to get researching, sketch, or just have a look at the vast collection of species and objects. Find out more on their website.

As I’ve previously mentioned in my posts, I’m an engineering student, and I couldn’t have come to a better place for my chosen degree. The university invests in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for their students to carry out experiments and research, which means labs are always an exciting affair. Scholars are constantly taking advantage of this for their projects and a new Graphene Institute is being built on campus as I type.

And anyways, studying a science subject is like studying the very foundation of the natural as well as manmade phenomena around us. Whether it’s breaking down chemicals and atoms, investigating microstructures or deciphering equations to elicit the best performances from our nifty gadgets, science places the world in your hands.


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