Life of a Chemistry student at Manchester

Hello UMASS!

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My name is Lisa and I am a fourth year student currently studying Chemistry at The University of Manchester. I really enjoy my course which is great, because it can be quite tough at times. My usual week is a mixture of lectures, tutorials and lab work. I usually spend around 30 hours on campus per week.

Here is a photo of me working hard in one of the University Chemistry labs!

Lisa Williams Nov 14

I am now well into my fourth year lab project which is based mainly in the School of Chemistry but also partly in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Science. It is also quite a busy time for me as I’m applying for graduate jobs, as well as researching available PhD opportunities. It can sometimes be difficult to balance the work demands of university life, but of course university isn’t just about studying and working! There are a huge range of activities I like to fill up my spare time with.

Playing sport and keeping active is very important to me. It helps with my focus at university as well as my general wellbeing. I have been kept busy recently by a brand new sports programme offered by the University called “Sporticipate”, which offers a large range of free sports and activities on a weekly basis. The programme organisers are putting on a couple of Christmas theme sports day before the Christmas break. I’m looking forward to getting my friends together and going along to these to play tag rugby and 5-a-side football, we might even dress up as Santa!

I really enjoy playing football although it’s a sport that I have only really started getting into in my third year. I now play with one of the University’s women’s football club. We train twice a week and there are occasional matches, and of course regular socials! It’s a great opportunity to get outside, be active, and make friends whilst at university. I have recently decided to take my interest in football a bit further by signing up for the Sports Volunteer Scheme offered by The University of Manchester. The scheme provides a fantastic opportunity for anyone with an interest in sports and volunteering. There are a huge range of fun volunteering opportunities available through University of Manchester SPORT or from local sports clubs right across Greater Manchester. I have just had my induction for the scheme and I look forward to starting with a local football academy as early as this weekend. There are loads of opportunities to volunteer so you are bound to find something to fit your interests and at a day and time that fits in with your schedule.

As well as keeping active I do have 2 part-time jobs, both for the University itself. Every now and then I work as a Student Ambassador by giving Campus Tours to prospective university students or helping facilitate classroom workshops. I really enjoy this job as it is a chance to share my own Manchester experiences with students that will hopefully be joining the University in the future. Another job I have is a member of bar staff for University Bars on Campus. These are bars that are located within the University Halls of Residence which I think have a really great atmosphere and are perfect as student bars. There are lots of events that students, staff and alumni organise inside these bars such as Open Mike nights, Pub Quizzes, and my favourite – comedy. I really enjoy both these jobs; it’s great to be able to earn some money whilst studying at university but also to really enjoy the work.

I hope you have been able to gain an overview of what my interests are and how I like to keep myself busy at university. I will be writing more blogs in the future so please look out for those.

If you would like to find out more about SPORTICIPATE then take a look at the programme website.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Sports Volunteer Scheme then take a look at the website.