Exam Preparation Podcast Series Week 4: Wellbeing

Welcome to the forth and final week of our first online event, the UMASS Exam Preparation Podcast Series. Over these four weeks we will be covering several topics around exam preparation, designed to help you in your current studies as well as highlighting aspects of exam preparation at university. Our first three weeks have looked at learning styles, revision techniques and reflections. These podcasts can be found on our website.

Each week will relate to a different area of Exam Preparation. To find out what each week will focus on check our blog post on the event here.

Week 4 will look at Wellbeing. Podcasts will be released on Wednesday of the event on the UMASS website. During the Week 4 podcasts we will hear Omar who works in the counselling team at The University of Manchester, he will be discussing the ways in which you can look after yourself during the exam season. Why not have a look last week’s podcasts as well?

We will also be exploring Wellbeing through blog posts written by current undergraduate and postgraduate students at The University of Manchester.  You can read them here .

Alongside the podcasts and blogs, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter (@UMASS6) as we will be tweeting about the event each day. If you want to share your experience of the event or discuss the event with other members, please tweet with the hashtag #UMASSonline.

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