Exam Preparation Podcast Series Week 3: Reflections

Week 3 will look at Reflections. Podcasts will be released each Tuesday and Thursday of the event on the UMASS website. During the Week 3 podcasts we will hear from two recent graduates of the University of Manchester to hear about their experiences and advice around revision, both before and during university. In the first podcast we will hear from Susie, and in the second one Niketa will be talking about her revision techniques. You will be able to access the podcasts here throughout the week. Why not have a look last week’s podcasts as well?

We will also be exploring Reflections through blog posts written by current undergraduate and postgraduate students at The University of Manchester.

Read about Adam’s reflections on university revision in the blog post “Reflections of a current student”

Lauren is a postgraduate student at The University of Manchester, read about her reflections of university study in “Reflections of a postgraduate student”

Alongside the podcasts and blogs, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter (@UMASS6) as we will be tweeting about the event each day. If you want to share your experience of the event or discuss the event with other members, please tweet with the hashtag #UMASSonline.

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