Employability and next steps

The University of Manchester is the most targeted university by the UK’s top 100 graduate employers. The opportunities and the skills gained alongside the degree make Manchester graduates employable and appealing to employers.

However, students cannot rely on the reputation of a university alone to get a job and they must do some work and get involve in other opportunities alongside their degree in order to secure a good graduate job. Fortunately, Manchester is brilliant at offering these opportunities for their students. I was accepted into one of the Student Experience Internships in the summer between my second and third year. It was an excellent experience of working in a university office environment, as part of a team and having other members of that team depend on the completion of my work to a deadline. Similarly, my work as a Student Ambassador also increased my employability as the role allowed me to work with younger students in the Manchester area, encouraging and inspiring them to pursue a higher education. This role allowed me to develop essential communication, social and organisational skills as well as increasing my confidence through attending different events and delivering workshops to students.
These were all roles the University helped me to secure. The University also provided me with placements in schools and the opportunity to write blogs such as this one. I am more employable because I developed different skills during these experiences which I can now put on my CV. At the time, it didn’t seem like I was doing much and I always felt like I should be doing more. It was only when I was applying for jobs that I realised how much I had done over the three years I have been at the University. All of these opportunities combined with what I learned throughout my degree have been very beneficial when applying for graduate roles.
My suggestion to any future students would be to start looking for these types of opportunities as soon as you come to university, especially in your first year as this is probably when you will be the freest in your university life. You can search jobs using the Careers Service and I would definitely encourage you to keep an eye out for any internships. However, don’t worry if you feel like you’re not doing enough with your time at university or if you feel like you can’t find the right opportunity for you. Just keep your eyes and ears open, I promise you’ll find something.
As for me, now that I have finished my degree and I am due to graduate I have a whole world of exciting opportunities in front of me. At the moment I am not 100% sure about what job I want to go into but that’s okay because many graduates feel the same way. Currently, I am applying to become an Au Pair in another country for a year.  I hope this will give me the opportunity to travel and see another part of the world as well as look after children and meet new people. For me this is a brilliant option as it will give me a year to think about what I want to do and apply for more opportunities whilst still earning money and gaining experience. As a graduate I can honestly say I am excited about what the future will hold.