Discover Life Sciences Day

The Life Sciences Discover Day gave me a very good insight into studying science at The University of Manchester. Throughout the day I was able to pick which workshops I attended, which allowed me to learn more about the topics that I am interested in. As everybody there was interested in studying Life Sciences, I made friends very quickly. During the day I worked alongside other people keen on Life Sciences, which made my day much more enjoyable, as we had similar interests.

The workshops I attended were very informative. I left the Discover Day knowing much more about algae than I ever thought I would and then spent the next week telling everyone I met (friends, family, colleagues) about how under appreciated it is as a substance. I left the Discover Day wanting to know more about using algae as a bio-fuel source and as a result I’ll make sure to read more about it as the research at The University of Manchester progresses. I also really enjoyed the sessions where we got to use microscopes, the centrifugal activity and the one about teeth bacteria. The latter one was one of the highlights of my day we got to stain the slide in order to preserve the sample taken. There was a tap malfunction moment where I luckily managed to not get splashed! I feel that after the different workshops, my microscope skills have definitely improved. Before the workshop, it took me a long time to focus the microscope and see the sample; I noticed a big improvement in the speed I was able to start examining the samples.

The afternoon session was about climate change, a topic I wasn’t very interested in. However, I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed the lecture, since it was delivered in such a fresh way that it was inspiring to listen to – I feel that I completely took on board all that was said, so much so that I’m thinking of using the knowledge and facts gained from it in future essays. I now think that climate change is more fascinating than I previously thought.

When the Discover Day was over, I was incredibly glad that I had signed up for it, and would definitely recommend attending one. The day cemented my desire to apply to The University of Manchester, as I found the labs very well equipped and I believe that I would enjoy studying at the University.