Campus facilities, hobbies, societies and fitness

When it comes to keeping up with your university work, it pays off to take note of when and where you study best. There is a wide range of study facilities available on campus, offering options to suit everybody’s needs. The Alan Gilbert Learning Commons offers a state of the art study centre comprising of computers, group study space, and a range of options for independent study time. The facility is open 24/7 during the academic year, allowing you to get stuck in to your studies at any time. You can make the most of the study facility whether you work best first thing in the morning, or whether you are most productive working at night. For those that prefer to spend time in the city centre, be sure to check out the John Rylands Library. As a student of The University of Manchester you can make the most of the special collections found here, as well as the magnificent architecture.

Looking beyond your weekly lectures and seminars there is so much more you can get out of your student experience on campus. Taking a break from your studies to sit in on a talk from a guest lecturer can be an excellent way to both broaden your horizons past your own course, as well as pursue other interests you may have. The Manchester Debating Union offer the opportunity to get clued up on a wide variety of different issues with their regular debates held at the University. Recent topics include debating the legacy of Barack Obama’s presidency, as well as whether the UK should support the expansion of nuclear power. The debates offer a great opportunity to learn about the concerns central to such issues, and there is no need to be worried about having no prior knowledge. There’s no pressure to join in the discussion, feel free to attend and just soak it all up!

If debating societies aren’t for you, how about getting involved in sports on campus! With a choice of gyms available, including the Armitage Centre, the Sugden Sports Centre, and the Manchester Aquatics Centre, there really is something for everyone. My favourite way to keep fit at university is to attend fitness classes offered in the well-being rooms on campus. As a student you can get subsidised classes offered in eight-week blocks throughout the year. They offer a wide variety of classes and the timetable runs weekdays from 8am until 7.30pm, ensuring everyone can find a class to fit in with their studies. I take part in regular yoga sessions and I find it a great way to de-stress when deadlines are approaching. You can also join in The University of Manchester’s Purple Wave team in the annual Manchester 10K run. Over 1000 students and staff took part last year, and the team is on track for 3000 to take part this year with a target to raise £150,000 for charity. Being part of the Purple Team is a great way to keep motivation high and be a part of something bigger!