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Discover Day student – UMASS http://www.umass.manchester.ac.uk The University of Manchester Thu, 18 Jan 2018 11:51:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Discover Life Sciences Day http://www.umass.manchester.ac.uk/discover-life-sciences-day-2/ http://www.umass.manchester.ac.uk/discover-life-sciences-day-2/#respond Tue, 10 May 2016 09:43:42 +0000 http://www.umass.manchester.ac.uk/?p=5358 Continue reading ]]> The Life Sciences Discover Day gave me a very good insight into studying science at The University of Manchester. Throughout the day I was able to pick which workshops I attended, which allowed me to learn more about the topics that I am interested in. As everybody there was interested in studying Life Sciences, I made friends very quickly. During the day I worked alongside other people keen on Life Sciences, which made my day much more enjoyable, as we had similar interests.

The workshops I attended were very informative. I left the Discover Day knowing much more about algae than I ever thought I would and then spent the next week telling everyone I met (friends, family, colleagues) about how under appreciated it is as a substance. I left the Discover Day wanting to know more about using algae as a bio-fuel source and as a result I’ll make sure to read more about it as the research at The University of Manchester progresses. I also really enjoyed the sessions where we got to use microscopes, the centrifugal activity and the one about teeth bacteria. The latter one was one of the highlights of my day we got to stain the slide in order to preserve the sample taken. There was a tap malfunction moment where I luckily managed to not get splashed! I feel that after the different workshops, my microscope skills have definitely improved. Before the workshop, it took me a long time to focus the microscope and see the sample; I noticed a big improvement in the speed I was able to start examining the samples.

The afternoon session was about climate change, a topic I wasn’t very interested in. However, I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed the lecture, since it was delivered in such a fresh way that it was inspiring to listen to – I feel that I completely took on board all that was said, so much so that I’m thinking of using the knowledge and facts gained from it in future essays. I now think that climate change is more fascinating than I previously thought.

When the Discover Day was over, I was incredibly glad that I had signed up for it, and would definitely recommend attending one. The day cemented my desire to apply to The University of Manchester, as I found the labs very well equipped and I believe that I would enjoy studying at the University.

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Discover Law Day http://www.umass.manchester.ac.uk/discover-law-day/ http://www.umass.manchester.ac.uk/discover-law-day/#respond Tue, 15 Mar 2016 16:19:12 +0000 http://www.umass.manchester.ac.uk/?p=5093 Continue reading ]]>

I decided to attend the Discover Law Day because I wasn’t completely sure which degree subject I wanted to choose. I thought that having a day of practical experience of degree level Law would help my decision as to whether it was suited for me, and whether I was interested in the course modules.

The course content was clearly explained and additional explanations of core modules were provided. This ensured that there were no misconceptions and that everybody knew exactly what the course involved. There was also a presentation on future careers and opportunities through the University, such as the Legal Advice Centre. This was useful because it detailed how the degree may open doors to a wide range of graduate professions, even if not directly related to Law. Furthermore, I was able to ask questions about what should be included in an effective personal statement and what qualities the admissions tutors look for in an application.

The Discover Day activities were varied and interesting. I experienced what university life is like in four mini Law taster lectures, which were mixed with practical activities to better understand the topic. I especially enjoyed a lecture on Child and Family Law, which is something I have no experience of. Nevertheless, it was presented clearly which meant that I could easily follow. I also enjoyed the Human Rights Law lecture because we were given small scenarios to apply the law to, which was more of a “hands on” approach to the course.

During the day, the student ambassadors were very friendly and offered their own first-hand experience of their degree and any tips for university life. I spoke to a student who had taken part in the Legal Advice Centre, who explained the tasks she did and how it complemented her studies and understanding. After talking to her, I realised that this is something I would like to get involved in at the University.

At the end of the day there was a Q&A session, where I was able to ask questions to both Law and non-Law students. This was very beneficial as I was able to address any apprehensions I had about university life and also talk about student finance and work-life balance. As part of the day, we went on the campus tour, which highlighted some places that I missed on the open day.

I am very glad that I attended the Discover Law Day, as it provided invaluable first-hand experience into studying Law at The University of Manchester and has helped my degree decision before the UCAS process.

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Discover Midwifery Day http://www.umass.manchester.ac.uk/discover-midwifery-day-2/ http://www.umass.manchester.ac.uk/discover-midwifery-day-2/#respond Thu, 03 Mar 2016 10:59:04 +0000 http://www.umass.manchester.ac.uk/?p=5004 Continue reading ]]> The Discover Midwifery Day was a really positive experience. It all started when I had to travel to Manchester alone. It was quite a scary experience, but very valuable. Traveling alone helped to boost my confidence and develop my independence.

As soon as I arrived I was greeted by a really friendly member of staff that helped me to register and pointed me in the right direction.

The morning started with an informative introduction to the University. I’ll definitely keep in mind what they said when it comes to deciding where I would like to study. After this initial session, we heard from some qualified midwives who gave us an insight into what it’s like to be a practicing midwife in the NHS. It also reassured me that midwifery was what I wanted to do.

After lunch we were split into groups to take part in some clinical skills workshops where we got to learn some midwifery skills as well as pick up some of the clinical terms. During the day we also got to see the teaching facilities of the University. The mini lecture was also really interesting. It covered the stages of labour and it provided a really good insight into what a university lecture is like. Overall, the Discover Midwifery Day was a great way to learn more about what it takes to be a good midwife. The experience felt like a real day at university because we were taught by university lecturers and all the staff treated us like adults.

I believe that going to the Discover Day at The University of Manchester was really worthwhile. I met some lovely people and had a chance to ask current midwifery students about what life is like as a student in Manchester and in the department. It has really helped me think about whether Midwifery is for me and if Manchester is where I want to study.

Even if The University of Manchester is not your first choice, I would recommend going to one of their Discover Days because they provide huge amount of information, not only information about their course but on the subject itself and on what to say in the personal statement. I really do think that this information will be invaluable when looking at applying to university.

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