A farewell for summer

Parizad tells us her plans for summer in her final blog post.


I hope you’ve received a warm welcome from the summer season. I bet you can’t wait to take those last few steps out of the school gate on the final day. My term, as you know, ended with my last exam. That’s a perk of university life; you’re likely to start your holidays by the beginning of June!

I had a few pleasant weeks off, but that’s about it. Because I’m currently on a 12 months placement for my degree that has already commenced. So I may only get a lie-in two days out of the week but that doesn’t hurt too badly when you’re getting paid to get up early. So that is what I’ll be up to until next summer. Then I can use some of that hard-earned cash to treat myself to a sunny holiday.

When I return to university next September I will be on my final year. I wonder if it will feel strange sitting in a lecture again after a year’s gap. But I also know that I will be putting my newly gained industry skills to use, making the work easier.

This is why I believe gaining experience is an integral part of university (and life in general) and why I encourage all of you to try the same. Getting a taste of the professional world before graduation will boost my employment prospects and give me a head start in the job hunt. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and employers value experience more than ever these days. So I highly recommend you apply for summer internships, and if you’re doing a degree that offers a year in industry, take that up too! Even jobs in retail and administration provide you with transferable skills so don’t shy away from those either. Every little helps. Experience will mould you into a well-rounded professional and give you the confidence to convince your prospective employers why you are the perfect person for the job!

Here’s wishing you all a beautiful summer full of sunshine and as few raindrops as possible. Make the most of your time. All the best for the future! It’s been a pleasure sharing my thoughts and experiences with you all.


Best regards,