Making the most of summer

As Adam finishes his 2nd year he tells us what its like to be going into final year, and what his plans for the summer are.


My second year of studying English Literature and Linguistics at the University of Manchester has finally finished! The holidays that university students get differ dramatically from those that you are used to. Instead of being off school or college from July to the beginning of September, higher education grants four whole months off from studies!

Although it’s good to dedicate some well earned time to yourself after exams and coursework submission is over, the University of Manchester actively encourages its students to work over the summer in order to gain invaluable hands-on experience in their desired career sector. It is never too early to start looking for opportunities to improve your future employability, and to further advance your skill set. Many undergraduates seek work placements through internship programmes that allow them to apply the academic, theoretical knowledge that their degree has taught them to real life, practical situations.

The majority of big businesses, from the finance sector (e.g. Lloyds Banking Group; Barclays; Grant Thornton) to the tourist and leisure industry (e.g. Walt Disney World Resort; Alton Towers) offer positions that undergraduates can apply for. Some internships permit students to undertake independent research projects for their chosen company, whilst others focus exclusively on immersing the intern in team-based roles that are traditional within larger organisations. Best of all, many internship programmes within the UK are paid, providing a valuable source of income and petty cash for over the summer months as your skills improve!

A larger proportion of students opt to travel the world in their break. Although the benefits aren’t as immediately obvious as an internship, globetrotting provides individuals with knowledge of unfamiliar cultures and ways of life, whilst providing a opportunities for students to break out of their shell and become more independent. Also, the medium of travel can sometimes allow individuals to network with companies all around the work, which can prove useful when job seeking after one’s degree has been completed.

Over the summer holidays, I hope to obtain an internship within journalism and social media in order to strengthen my CV applications to job positions next year. I also plan on completing a bulk of research for one of my longer pieces of assessment that is due at the end of my degree; the dreaded third year dissertation! Although I expect my final year at Manchester to be time-consuming and a lot of  hard work, I can’t wait to push myself to my intellectual limits and test the skills I have developed over the past two years.