Reflections of Year 2

Parizad reflects on the end of Year 2 of university in her second to last blog.

Happy joyful June, readers!

The end of May marked the end of exams and the end of second year. Where does time go? It feels like I started Year 2 just a few weeks ago, and yet months and seasons have passed. Second year may have been a step up in terms of workload and difficulty level, but it certainly slipped by faster. 

Nevertheless, it has been a flash with a spectrum of many memorable and significant moments. Firstly, I got the chance to write for the UMASS blog and not only reach out to young and ambitious students, but discover many things about myself in the process. So for thank you for reading my ramblings and I hope you gained something useful out of it. 

Secondly, with the added pressure came a sense of zen. Let me explain; I’m someone who stresses easily, so you can imagine how much assignments freaked me out at the start of the year. But realising that productivity only came about with calmness, I learned to take every day one step at a time. I have experienced immense personal growth over the course of these nine months. I believe it happens with everyone at university, and more so with every year they spend there. The more time that passes the more you begin to feel its transient nature, as a result you choose not to let a second of it go to waste. 

Lastly, reflecting back on second year has made me see how much better I am able to be content in the now. University will not always be smooth sailing, for more than one reason, but that only teaches you to appreciate what and who you have around you. I am able to let go of what is not in my hands and hold on to the things that matter in life. So if you feel like you should have your life together before you head off to university, breathe out. That scenario is still a little dot on the horizon even from where I am standing in life right now. The togetherness of life will happen when it will happen. But don’t mistake that for incompleteness. There is much to look forward to and many adventures to be had. That’s what I’ve taken away from second year and I can’t wait to see what treats and terrors lie ahead!

Until the last time,